Staining & Levelling

A Great Stain Goes A Long Way

Staining your timber floor is great for giving your house a new and modern look. Not only that, it’s going to make your rooms look bigger and more inviting. We also do staining for any outdoor areas. Weatherproof staining is a common thing to have done to protect your timber floor/decking from the elements.

Staining is very important for outdoor areas to ensure your timber decking stays new for the longest amount of time possible. A good stain will keep your timber floors protected from the rain, extreme heat, debris in the wind and general wear and tear from shoes and boots.

Another part of our timber floor services is ensuring correct levelling. This is an important part of our timber floor installations. Uneven timber can cause fall hazards and injuries, as well as look very bad. This is a must for any timber floor.

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