Sanding & Polishing

Restore Your Timber Floors From Just $22 per sq/m

Sanding and polishing is one of the easiest ways to restore old timber floors and make them look like new again. Our experienced team at Mr. Timber Floors have extensive experience in sanding and polishing of all types of timber floors. 

Sanding timber may seem pretty straight forward, but there’s much more to it than it seems. For example, you firstly need at least 3 different types of sanding machines. Then there is a specific technique to ensure your sanding is levelled throughout the entire room. These small things make the biggest differences when it comes to perfecting the timber floor restoration process.

Once your timber floors have been sanded back, they’re going to need some sort of protection from everyday use. We use only the best protectants available and you can choose from a number of different finishes to suit your home. 

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