Decking & Staircases

Mr. Timber Floors Decking & Staircases

There are a large number of types of decking. We are able to provide any type of decking to match the existing colour and texture scheme of your house or room. Decking is a great way to. add extra value to your home as well as give outdoor areas a neat and tidy look. Suitable for all types of areas, getting decking is a common practice for new homes. It’ll give your outdoor area the kickstart it needs. 

Frequently used staircases can come to a point where they no longer look fresh and new. Generally, you’ll find that staircases start to wear out in the middle of each step and slowly move towards the outer areas. A quick and simple clean up and polish of your staircase could be an easy fix or for heavily worn out timber, a sand and polish/stain is more than likely going to be the solution.

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